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Furniture Clinic Leather Restoration Seminar Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Learn how to use our Leather Colourant Kit with professional guidance and tuition. This 1 day seminar shows you how to completely restore all items of leather.

Семинар за възстановяване на кожа

Learn how to use our Leather Colourant Kit with professional guidance and tuition.

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За продукта

Thinking about buying our Leather Colourant Kit?.... or maybe you have already bought one; this is the perfect seminar to attend to teach you how to properly use that and our other leather repair products.

This one day course teaches you how to;

  1. Clean & prepare leather.

  2. Repair scuffs, cracking & other damages.

  3. Restore or change the colour of leather.

  4. Apply Finish to seal the colour in for a long lasting job.

You can even bring your own items of leather along to work on! Or bring them for professional advice before attempting to restore the leather yourself. If you do bring your own item to work on, you will need to purchase a Leather Colourant Kit in advance of the Seminar.

Course Details

Craig pointing out an area needing repairs
  • Up to 5 delegates per course: This keeps the numbers low so the level of tuition is of the highest standard.

  • Dedicated Training Centre: Within our Head Office we have a dedicated training facility where we run the courses.

  • Products: We manufacture all of the products that we’ll be using on the course; and we have a product for every repair need!

  • Equipment: Our training centre has all of the tools and equipment needed for each delegate to comfortably work on their items of leather.

Bespoke Courses

We have a 300m2 workshop where we can train up to 50 delegates; this is ideal for larger groups such as car clubs and other groups. We can also run seminars at other locations around the UK or travel abroad.

A group of delegates watching as we restore a car seat
FC staff at Jaguar offering product advice at a seminar


Преглед Професионално обучение за възстановяване на кожа и учебни материали