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Furniture Clinic Pro Leather Repair Kit Leather Care Kit
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Product description: An advanced cleaning & repair kit designed to solve all common problems with leather, from scuffs & scrapes to discoloured and worn panels

Професионален комплект за ремонт и боядисване на кожа

1,200.00 лева

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Cleaners & Removers 
1 Litre Leather Ultra Clean
250ml Leather Stain Remover
500ml Alcohol Cleaner
250ml Degreaser
1 Litre Leather Prep
Tampico Brush
150ml leather mousse

Pre-Coats & Repairers
500ml Leather Binder
50ml Leather Heavy Filler
50ml Leather Glue
Grain Copier (2 part)

Tools & Accessories
1 sq metre Canvas Sub Patch
Embroidery Scissors
3 Small Sponges
3 Large Sponges
Chemical Resistant Gloves
Plastic pallet knife
Fine Sandpaper,
  (2 sheets – 1x 320 1x 1200)
1x Airbrush Propellant Can
50 x 30ml Mixing Cups (1 pack)
100 x Paint Stirrers
Pack of Cotton Buds
5 x Scouring Pads
3 x Cotton Cloths
3 x Terry Towels
Training Manual

Colours & Top Coats
250ml Matting Agent
500ml Matt Finish
500ml Gloss Finish
1 Litre Leather Protection Cream 
16 x 250ml Pigments (Standard Colours)

  • Black HC
  • Blue LC
  • Yellow LC
  • Red LC
  • Green
  • Yellow HC
  • Blue HC
  • Yellow Oxide
  • Orange
  • Red HC
  • Umber
  • Black LC
  • Red Oxide
  • Violet
  • Magenta
  • White

PLUS: Tool Box as pictured.

Tool Box

These kits can sometimes take a while to make and so we cannot always guarantee same day despatch.


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